HR Tech: 5 Recruitment Hacks

Hacking is hip. In marketing, growth hacking shed a new light on incumbent marketing strategies and as always, HR is catching up. Hackathons are being organised to find new solutions for old HR issues, and it probably won’t be long before we’ll see the first ‘HR Hacker’ jobs being advertised. But in essence, a hack is nothing more than a different way of doing things, an original approach to an existing puzzle. Whether this new take on a particular topic comes from a fresh pair of eyes, or rather an innovative type of technology, doesn’t matter; what counts is the result. Here are 5 – easy to implement – recruitment hacks.

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#1 The Job Ad

Why does this matter you wonder? Because more often than not, the job ad will be the very first thing people – job seekers included – see from you. It’s also the starting point of the applicant experience, so all the more reason to make sure you nail your job ads. Make sure to check the following boxes:

Tone of Voice

You want the language you use in the job description to reflect your company culture. If you are a young, fast-paced Green tech company, don’t write as if you’re a corporate accountancy firm. You want your words to reflect the organisation’s philosophy, so that applicants get a feel for the culture of your business straight away.

Mobile is a Must

Mobile recruiting, mobile rules. A job ad that is meant for an App or a mobile website, needs to be written differently than one that appears on a ‘normal’ website. Generally speaking, text wise you need to keep it to the point. Explain clearly why someone should apply and include an obvious call to action. Mobile recruitment is not to be taken lightly; it needs a solid strategy.

Here you can read more about mobile recruiting.

#2 Programmatic Advertising

This hack is still relatively unknown in the HR world. A real shame, because it can definitely make a recruiter’s life a lot easier. So, what exactly is programmatic advertising? In a nutshell, it is the automated placement of ads, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The content of the ads is based on information about a particular target group. You could say it is personalised and customised advertising: the right message, at the right moment to the right person.

Now, how does this benefit the recruitment industry you ask? For starters, it means you’ll be able to define exactly what candidate profile you’re looking for. You’ll be able to aim your job ads – directly – at the people corresponding your job description, saving both them and yourself a lot of time. No more researching what website is best to post a particular role on, or inquiring for quotes from different job boards to find out which one has the best pricing. Secondly, with programmatic advertising recruiters are in control over the ad; they are the ones that set the target audience for example.

Besides being a time & money saver, there’s one last thing that’s worth mentioning about programmatic advertising in HR. It can also be a useful tool in engaging with relevant audiences. The whole ‘right time, right place, right message’ thing means it can deliver you precisely that; making your organisation perhaps the first company people think of when deciding they want a new professional challenge.